Webinar Recap: Secrets of Successful Market Researchers

Charu Gupta

Post By Charu Gupta

October 29, 2017

In today’s fast-changing marketplaces, and amidst shrinking budgets and timelines, conducting life sciences market research can be an uncertain and challenging endeavor. There are new technologies to keep in mind, and there are an ever-changing cast of stakeholders to appease.

In our webinar, “Secrets of Successful Market Researchers,” InCrowd President and Co-Founder Diane Hayes, Ph.D., and Head of Research Strategy Katie Ka, discussed tried and true methods, approaches, and frames of mind, that make life sciences market research more efficient, effective, and valuable.

The key areas Diane and Katie focused on were:

  • Ask the right questions for respondent engagement
  • Understand your audience
  • Why does your stakeholder care?
  • Know the limits of your data
  • Be ready to problem solve

Whether you attended the webinar or just want to understand and learn from the best, please check out these links and resources (see below) from the webinar:


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