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Dr. Lynn Joe is an emergency medicine specialist and has been a member of InCrowd since 2018. We asked Dr. Joe why she went into her field:

“I liked everything. I went to med school and thought I would be an OBGYN to deliver babies, but then I enjoyed my surgery rotation. I liked dermatology, I loved kids, so I thought, pediatrics. Then in the emergency department, you see it all. Plus the attraction of work hard play hard. When you’re at work you’re at work, when you go home there’s no beeper. You don’t follow your patients so they don’t call you afterward, that was another attraction for me.”

Much like Dr. Joe’s multiple interests, InCrowd offers interesting, varied research opportunities on topics that are impacting your patient outcomes.

“I like completing MicroSurveys with InCrowd because it’s quick and easy. There is always time between the patients we have. So when they pop up it’s something fun to break up the day”

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“I like MicroSurveys because they can be completed conveniently in between daily tasks. I don’t have to set aside a large chunk of time or feel like I am mindlessly clicking through repetitive questions.”

Alec, PA
Gastroenterology Specialist
InCrowd member since 2021

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We get right to the point so you can share your expertise, stay up-to-date on healthcare industry topics—and get on with your day. Healthcare professionals can take surveys between seeing patients, commuting on the train, or taking a break between charts. Take advantage of an easy-to-use, smartphone friendly survey experience that requires a minimal time commitment while making a massive impact.

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