Realize real-time insights with an agile approach to research

Iterate with Micro method

InCrowd’s MicroSurvey platform and methodology allow you to connect with respondents during their day with short surveys that keep them engaged and you on schedule to achieve your research goals.


Enhance Focus

MicroSurvey helps you design simple surveys, bringing you faster, high-quality data, as well as an iterative, agile approach to learning and deeper insights. Physicians complete short, 5-minute surveys in the pauses of their day, engaging their focus while capturing their expertise.

Excel with Technology

At the heart of InCrowd’s solution is our Dynamic Learning Platform. Designed to enable agile research, the platform allows you to execute MicroSurveys, gathering learnings quickly, and iterate, exploring narrow aspects of your research deeply for more refined understanding.

Empowerment through 24/7 access to InCrowd’s Dynamic Learning Platform and our international panel of healthcare professionals and patients.

Confidence in your audience with InCrowd’s comprehensive profiling information on HCPs and patients enabling precision targeting.

Speed-to-insights through the platform’s embedded survey-engine technology, designed for quick-turn primary research projects.

Rich analytics demonstrated through a full suite of data visualizations and analytics for real-time monitoring of data and quick insights assessment.



How it Works


Build a survey using our 20 unique question types.


Customize your audience criteria from our pool of experts.


Receive your survey results in real time.


Solution Advantages

Real-Time Reporting

Access data in real time 24/7 through our cloud-based application. Our robust reporting and data visualization features aggregate results and render as pie charts, bar graphs, median and means, or box plots, or download raw data spreadsheets and autogenerated PPT slides with embedded charts and graphs.

Quality Assurance

Gain high-quality data from an engaged audience. Our surveys work to weed out bad data, using human and automated processes. InCrowd automatically flags suspicious activity and conducts data checks for: Illogical, inexplicable, or inconsistent data, answering patterns, and subpar or suspicious opens.

On-Demand Subscription

When unexpected needs for real-time insights arise, you need to be nimble. Our subscription model allows you to use the platform when you need it and renew on-demand. This fluid exchange makes it easy to keep up with your market research timeline and deadlines, while filling your knowledge gaps.

Tiered Service Support

InCrowd’s Access, Access+, and Full-Service support options provide flexibility for whatever level of service you may need.

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Case Study

How Real-Time Data Helps Business Development Teams with New Product Acquisition Research

Learn why a pharmaceutical company considering acquiring a new product asset in a space with noticeable market movement turned to InCrowd’s global qualitative and quantitative solutions to uncover opportunities in product administration and identify an unmet market need.


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