New Mobile Survey Updates
By Danielle Schroth

If you’ve answered an InCrowd survey from your smartphone lately, you may have noticed some big changes. Over the past several months, InCrowd’s development team has been busy researching, testing, and collecting extensive feedback from members like you to improve your survey answering experience.

Nearly 70% of all InCrowd responses take place through a smartphone or tablet. For that reason we have made several changes to optimize the size of our mobile interface. For starters, we doubled the size of many interface elements to make “tapping” on responses much easier for you. We also increased the font sizes and heightened the contrast for all selection types to increase clarity and make each screen easier to read.

Questions that require numerical allocation now have a progress bar along the top of your screen. This change will help you focus on answering accurately without having to keep track of your previous numerical input. 

It’s important to note that these usability improvements are not exclusive to smartphone – they will also translate to larger screen sizes to create better readability and accuracy if the times you’re answering from your desktop.

We’ve also made some changes on the back end of our platform, enabling our research partners to more effectively preview how the experience will look on mobile and desktop. In cases where the preview reveals what could be a poor survey answering experience, InCrowd will work with our research partners to adjust survey formatting to better meet the needs of our members.

These improvements have already had an impact on our members. Data from the first few weeks of implementation has shown that each of our question types can now be answered several seconds more quickly. 

Why are we telling you this when you are probably already experiencing these changes? We wanted to let you know that we heard you. Listening to member feedback has been key to us as InCrowd strives to make research participation quick, easy and worthwhile for busy healthcare professionals.

Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback and we’ll keep listening.

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