Continuously monitor core KPIs to maintain brand health

InCrowd offers two tracking solutions.

MicroTracker is InCrowd’s award-winning KPI, custom, tracking product.
Essentials is InCrowd’s syndicated tracking product.


MicroTracker provides customized wave-over-wave, longitudinal research at your fingertips.

Through InCrowd’s Dynamic Learning Platform, MicroTracker:


Delivers real-time, automated tracking for brand’s core KPIs


Allows you to create your annual tracking agenda in minutes


Brings fresh, unbiased sample each wave


Provides market visibility with proactive, regular monitoring of key metrics


Gives you access to your data at all times through the InCrowd platform 


Accelerates your time to respond to market events by accelerating your time to insight

Automate the collection and visualization of your most vital KPIs

 Whether as a complement to your existing awareness, trial, and usage (ATU) study or as a frequent, core metric pulse on your brand’s activity, MicroTracker provides the market visibility and time to respond necessary for maintaining your brand’s health.


How it Works


Build a survey using our 20 unique question types.


Customize audience criteria from our pool of experts.


Set tracking schedule, excluding previous respondents.


Receive results in real time and access data whenever needed.


Solution Advantages

Compare Wave-Over-Wave Data On-Demand

Each wave adds another level of complex data to your study. Built-in data visualization software lets you compare waves, and filter results to hone in on a particular set of waves or responses.


Immediately Ask Follow-up Questions

Modular and flexible question formats let you add questions and follow-up to insights from longer tracking projects or react to unexpected market events.

Identify Competitive Threats

When a competitor product arrives, get quick feedback from key stakeholders regarding product utilization and revisit the same physicians every few months to track trends in usage uptake.

Pulse the Market

Use frequent pulses immediately after a launch to supplement ATUs, make fast, informed decisions, and change ground tactics as needed.

Perform Longitudinal Brand Tracking

Monitor your competitive positioning in new markets on a monthly basis by consistently tracking a core set of key performance indicators (KPIs) at any point in the product lifecycle.

Track Global Brands

Reach healthcare experts worldwide quickly, with high quality, and on a regular basis to ensure market visibility and measure vital metrics to your brand.

Stay Ahead of Market Changes

By tracking core KPIs with greater frequency and consistent regularity, getting access to data analysis quickly, you can proactively monitor market change and have time to respond when needed.

Have Access to Your Data

With InCrowd’s Dynamic Learning Platform, you access your data and insights from the moment surveys begin closing. Watch as respondents complete surveys and see your data before it becomes a report.

“Your team helped us design and set up our tracking study in a way that has let us observe and respond to market changes quickly. We’ve become so much more nimble with our projects, and I’m sure this is giving us a competitive edge in our market.”


Major Pharma Company

How the Right Tracking Design Can Help Quickly Identify Competitive Threats

See how the InCrowd MicroTracker allowed one client to quickly identify and define a threat posed by a competitor’s introduction of a new drug into their market.


InCrowd Essentials is a syndicated tracking offering. Essentials provides a leaner, fix-price alternative to InCrowd’s award-winning MicroTracker product.

Essentials provides wave-over-wave research for specific markets and key market metrics. Through InCrowd’s Dynamic Learning Platform, Essentials syndicated research:


Gauges product awareness in crowded markets with numerous therapeutic options


Tracks product receptivity and adoption among healthcare professionals


Identifies competitive inroads and perception changes


Monitors post-launch status, with time to take action towards changes


Measures patient product awareness and perceptions


Offers an affordable alternative to mainstream tacking solutions

What Essentials tracks:

Product awareness

Prescriber perceptions

Prescribing activity

Promotional activity



Implement and Analyze Quickly

As it’s syndicated research, with Essentials you can avoid internal legal and compliance approvals, while benefiting from receiving results weeks faster than traditional methods.

Stay Ahead of the Market

Essentials automation, real-time dashboard access, monthly fielding, and quarterly PowerPoint reports, enable your brands to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with dynamic market conditions.

Access Large Sample Sizes

Essentials’ research applies a large sample size, sourced from InCrowd’s mobile-first platform and vast global panel of over 2 million HCPs.

Cost-Effective Tracking

Essentials is priced on a flat, monthly rate, providing monthly fielding, access to monthly findings, and quarterly reporting of critical market metrics affordably.  

Case Study

How Real-Time Data Helps Business Development Teams with New Product Acquisition Research

Learn why a pharmaceutical company considering acquiring a new product asset in a space with noticeable market movement turned to InCrowd’s global qualitative and quantitative solutions to uncover opportunities in product administration and identify an unmet market need.


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