Getting Ahead of the Curve Insights from COVID-19s Frontlines

How is COVID-19 impacting HCPs and patients? Join Daniel S. Fitzgerald, InCrowd CEO & President and Philip Moyer, InCrowd VP of Crowd Operations, for Getting Ahead of the Curve: Insights from COVID-19’s Frontlines Webinar — Originally presented on April 23, 2020. Featuring physician and patient perspectives on the pandemic.

Key learnings:

  • Experiences and views of COVID-19 treating and non-treating US physicians, and patients
  • Perspectives on hospital and practice needs and preparedness 
  • Views on patient management and care delivery for COVID-19 treaters vs. non-treaters
  • Trends and confidence levels during the past several months
  • Demands to be heard as a voice of experience, even more so today

Who should Watch:

  • Those following primary physician insights on COVID-19
  • Healthcare, life sciences marketers, market insights professionals, and researchers
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device commercialization professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare supply chain professionals
  • Hospital administrators and purchasers
  • Payors
  • Leaders, legislators, and healthcare policymakers
  • Pharmacists
  • Writers, editors covering COVID-19 healthcare impact

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