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Smart, on-demand technology designed to respect doctors’ time

MicroSurvey helps you design simple surveys, bringing you faster, high-quality data. Physicians complete short, 2-5 minute surveys they want to answer in the pauses of their day.


Reduce bias

Our unique and powerful sampling algorithm works behind the scenes, randomizing and refreshing sample, sending out waves of survey invites every 30 minutes, gauging response rates, and inviting new respondents as needed to fill your survey.

Custom reporting and support

We have a team of experienced analysts and statisticians whose primary objective is to read and interpret your data and report meaningful, actionable insights to help you make meaningful business decisions. Customize reporting and analytics across all of your micro research and adjust as needed.

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How It Works


Create a survey using one of our 13 unique question types.


Customize your Crowd criteria from our pool of experts.


Receive your results in real time.


Real-Time Reporting

Access your data in real time as surveys are deployed, or 24/7 through our cloud-based application. Use our robust reporting and data visualization features to see your results rendered as pie charts, donuts, or bar graphs, or download spreadsheets and vector files to use the raw data.

Analytics Experience

You have the data, but what does it all mean? Our market researchers can help you formulate better questions, select the right Crowd, and interpret the data. We understand the life sciences industry and work with 40 of the top global 100 pharmaceutical companies represented. We can help you find and interpret the actionable insights in your data so you can make critical business decisions quickly and confidently.

Meet Our Specialists

Broad Access

Your survey is nothing without the right respondents. Over and over again, life sciences market researchers say their single biggest barrier to success is reaching the right respondents. You need a solution with razor-sharp precision. We have built a Crowd of 45,000+ physician and healthcare professionals. With a platform translated into 20 languages and a strong network of global partners, rest assured you will find  your target group of healthcare professionals—every time.

Trusted Experts

Our strong respondent validation methodology means dozens of new member applications are rejected every month–and that our Crowd of healthcare professionals is triple-verified, highly qualified, and very engaged.

Quality Assurance

Our methodology and technology comes with the guarantee of high-quality data from a focused, engaged audience. As soon as a survey launches, we have both automated and human processes at work to kick out bad data, in real time.

Our automated systems are continuously flagging:

  • Speeders
  • Straight-liners
  • Thoughtless responses
  • Outliers
  • Duplicate or unusual IP addresses
  • Questionable or repeat open-end responses

Our experienced data analysts are conducting standard and survey-specific data checks for: Illogical, inexplicable, or inconsistent data or answering patterns, subpar or suspicious opens.

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"We were on the verge of a $3 billion acquisition and we needed answers to last minute questions around the long-term market value of the drug we were going to acquire. Using Incrowd, we received market insights within hours and everyone had the data they needed to be comfortable completing the deal."

Senior Executive

Major Pharma Company

Pricing Model

Here When You Need It

When unexpected needs for real-time insights arise, you need to be nimble.

Our subscription model allows you to use the platform when you need it and renew on-demand. This fluid exchange makes it easy to keep up with your market research timeline and deadlines.

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Renew immediately when you need us.


Work with our sales team to create a platform that fits your budget.

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Our sales team is standing by to help you customize the right program for your business.

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