Monthly HCP Spotlight : Dr. Janine Tabas, Ophthalmologist
By Emily Pereira

We’ve started a monthly HCP Spotlight program to highlight some of our amazing crowd members. Our second HCP Spotlight is Dr. Janine Tabas, an ophthalmologist who has been in private practice for 25 years and has been a Crowd member for six years. Dr. Tabas specializes in general ophthalmology and cataract surgery, as well as teaching residents at Wills Eye Hospital.  She lives in Pennsylvania, is married with 2 kids, and in her spare time she plays competitive tennis and takes art classes. 

1. Do you participate in other market research, and if so, how does it compare to InCrowd?
I do participate in other market research on occasion. InCrowd surveys are quicker and to the point, and I can complete them from my phone, which I like.

2. Why did you go into medicine and your specific specialty?
I like working with my hands, and enjoy the microsurgery and advanced technology inherent in ophthalmology. It is also immensely gratifying to restore my patients’ sight through cataract surgery.

3. What’s the best part and the worst part about your work day?
Worst part is navigating the electronic medical records. The best part is interacting with my patients, many of which I’ve been treating my entire career. I also love teaching the residents.

4. What is one thing you want pharma companies to know about the physician and/or patient experience?
Remember to treat the patient, not the disease. Need to take things into account such as a patient’s ability to pay for treatment, potential compliance, possible side effects, etc., when prescribing medication.

Stay tuned for our next HCP Spotlight!

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