InCrowd Survey: 6 Times a Patient Made the Hard Work Totally Worth It
By Emily Pereira

Third in a series: InCrowd is spending three weeks sharing stories of healthcare professionals’ memorable patients and experiences. This week, our Crowd describes their most rewarding moments with patients.

1.  “After resuscitating an elderly septic man, his wife offered to ‘repay’ me by giving me advice on how to keep a marriage together. They had been married 60 years. She then gave me the most sincere hug. I’m the one that should repay her.” –Emergency Medical Physician, IN, 3 years in practice

2. “After 11 miscarriages and many tests with multiple specialists, the patient was finally able to conceive twice and have two daughters. Never saw such a happy couple. Their persistence paid off.” –Obstetrician, PA, 24 years in practice

3. “A pediatric patient, whose skin sloughed off and had to be cared for like a burn victim, ended up being on my son’s soccer team the following year. He hugged and thanked me at every practice and game.” –Registered Nurse, GA, 13 years in practice

4. “Whenever I receive holiday cards from my patients it is very heartwarming that they are thinking of me during the holiday season. It means a lot that they send the same card to my office that they send to their friends and family.”–Neurologist, NY, 7 years in practice

5. “A patient’s wife walked up to me and gave me a hug. She told me in front of everyone that I saved her husband’s life.”–Oncologist, FL, 9 years in practice

6. “I treated an older man in the hospital when I first started. He ended up being there for about a month. We got to know each other throughout his stay and ended up becoming good friends.”–Physician Assistant, KS, 12 years in practice

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