HCP Spotlight : Dr. Michelle Dang, Anesthesiology and Pain Management Physician
By Emily Pereira

We’ve started a HCP Spotlight program to highlight some of our amazing Crowd members. Our fourth HCP Spotlight is Dr. Michelle Dang, an anesthesiologist and pain management physician. Dr. Dang has been practicing for 7 years in Houston, Texas.

1. Do you participate in other market research, and if so, how does it compare to InCrowd?

Yes, I have participated in other research. InCrowd is great because I get a notification on my phone and I can complete a survey in just a few minutes’ time. I don’t have to get on a desktop or laptop; I can complete it quickly just using my phone.

2. Why did you go into medicine and your specific specialty?

My entire extended family is in the medical field as dentists, pharmacists, and physicians. It was natural for me to go into the medical field. I found myself drawn to working with my hands as I enjoyed sketching as a hobby, so when I discovered anesthesiology and subsequently pain management, I knew I had found my niche. In the field of anesthesiology and pain management we work with our hands a lot performing a variety of procedure from intubations, to central lines, to epidural steroid injections. I like interacting with patients on a daily basis and being able to provide them with a way for them to feel better.

3. What’s the best part and the worst part about your work day?

The best part is when a patient tells me they actually did a yoga pose I recommended for them to do and they felt better! The worst part is when my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet 🙂

4. What is one thing you want pharma companies to know about the physician and/or patient experience?

That prescribing and managing a patient’s pain is more than just treating the symptom; that it is about the patient being able to lead their best lives and utilizing our resources such as medications to get there. The opioid crisis seems to be all over the news, so having a frank discussion with patients regarding the issue can be challenging, but it is part of my job. The reality is that there are many resources out there – untapped even – that can potentially help patients living with chronic pain. And some are even free! (Such as yoga videos and tutorials) The other part of it is managing a patient’s expectations. It is not realistic to expect to be in zero pain for the rest of your life. What we want to do is to find a middle ground where you can still work and function and the pain is not prohibiting you from doing so. 

Stay tuned for the next HCP Spotlight!

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