Employee Spotlight: Molly Simpson

What is your role within InCrowd?

Marketing Director, InCrowd, Inc.

What interested you when deciding to join InCrowd?

I’ve worked for InCrowd for almost nine years so it’s been a long time since I thought about this. I remember being really excited about the new technology that was being built and how it could help pharma market insights clients get answers faster. I started out in client services and I loved the idea of helping clients learn to use the technology and get the answers they needed quickly.

Over the years I’ve had several different roles including, sales support, business development, marketing insights researcher, and now marketing director. I’ve enjoyed all of my time here at InCrowd and having the opportunity to learn so many different aspects of the business and discover where I feel most passionate.

These days with my work in marketing I am enjoying myself immensely. I love working in marketing and being able to craft the message of InCrowd and Apollo and all of the great work that goes along with that.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is collaborating cross-functionally with so many different people at InCrowd and Apollo to put out the best message about the brand. I also love the different parts of the work I do including creating content and all aspects of conference work.

What is a fun fact, hidden talent, or hobbies you enjoy?

I’ve always been into singing and my husband and I performed a duet together at our wedding. Also, my favorite hobbies are pie baking and traveling abroad – I’ve been to 19 countries.

InCrowd is a brand in the Apollo Intelligence family of companies

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