Employee Spotlight: Emily Pereira
By Emily Faubert

What is your role within InCrowd?

I’m the Partnerships and Crowd Outreach lead. My role focuses on managing our affiliate partnerships and outreach for new ones, as well as recruiting new healthcare workers to join our panel to complete surveys. If a panel member has a question and emails our support email or messages us on our website, I’m also the one answering half the time. 

What interested you when deciding to join InCrowd?

I was in the process of moving to Boston when I came across the position, and I was very intrigued by the company culture. I was coming from a role in a larger company, and was looking for more of a startup. When I visited the office for my interview I got the impression that everyone was happy to work there, and it made me want to work there too. I was new to the industry as well, but everyone was very welcoming and helpful with all of my questions. 5 years later here we are! Not so much of a startup anymore, but that welcoming and helpful atmosphere has remained intact. 

What is the best part of your job?

I really enjoy getting to talk to current and future partners. I find it so fascinating that they can be so passionate about medicine, but are also passionate about their businesses outside of clinical medicine. All of our partners are in the business of helping other doctors as well, whether it be about investments, education, wellbeing, etc. so they’re such interesting collaborations. 

What is a fun fact, hidden talent, or hobbies you enjoy?

I grew up in NJ, moved to Los Angeles after college, and settled in the Boston area! I’m a new mom, so my hobbies now include keeping my little one entertained and trying to get her to eat and sleep. My husband and I love taking her on long walks with our dog, a 2 year old golden doodle. 

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