Employee Spotlight: Danielle Schroth
By Emily Faubert

What is your role within InCrowd?

I am Vice President of Panel Operations. My role is focused on the health and growth of our Crowd of healthcare professionals. I work with a team to ensure we provide a high quality, smartphone-friendly MicroSurvey experience. Day to day I may work with our Marketing team and engagement colleagues or our product engineers. Each day is different but all focused on improving member experience.  

What interested you when deciding to join InCrowd?

I’ve always worked in the healthcare industry from the research side. I went from academia and nonprofit to for profit companies working with both health care professionals and patients.  Ultimately, I decided it was the provider space that was most interesting to me and I was looking for a challenge that would involve technology.  Additionally, I wanted something that would satisfy my interest in research where I was pretty seasoned already. InCrowd provided an opportunity to do that and more as we grew from a small startup while retaining our mission of providing a platform for the HCP voice.

What is the best part of your job?

I love fixing problems. I have always taken a lot of satisfaction from identifying and issue and working to resolve it. So whether that be a malfunctioning link on a site, or some much more complicated issue related to data, I enjoy finding those issues and working with colleagues to resolve them. It’s pretty satisfying to know that even in some small way, we’ve improved someone’s day.

What is a fun fact, hidden talent, or hobbies you enjoy?

I have never had a cup of coffee. That’s always my go to for two truths and a lie. I just never started. I worked in a coffee shop in college and hated coming home smelling of coffee. At most it’s a little unsweetened iced tea in the morning and I am pretty energized enough, I don’t think people need me drinking coffee! A second fact is my dog Josie is sort of the InCrowd mascot. She comes to our main office and you may see her featured on our social media channels. We’re big pet lovers at InCrowd.

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