Employee Spotlight: Charles Lonardo

Charles is the VP of Digital Client Engagement & Strategic Growth for InCrowd. Learn more about him below!

What is your role within InCrowd?

My role at InCrowd is to ensure our technology is best positioned to provide value & insights to our key stakeholders. I’m lucky enough to introduce our tech to our research partners every week and experience their first-time joy along with them. It’s very rewarding & motivating.

What interested you when deciding to join InCrowd?

Easy one! The vision, people and energy.

You work with our research partners, why do you think it is important for HCPs to take part in market research?

The HCP voice is very powerful & influential. The research partners I work with every day care so much about their thoughts & opinions. What HCPs say in these surveys has a tremendous impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

What is the best part of your job?

The people for sure. Everyone – colleagues, research partners & HCPs. We all have incredibly interesting stories to tell. A silver lining with COVID was getting a new window into people’s lives with all the video calls.

What is a fun fact, hidden tales, or hobbies you enjoy?

I’m an avid homebrewer & proud member of the AHA. I dabble in everything – Kombucha, Ice Tea, Cold Crew Coffee etc. but my true love is carefully crafted beer. I have a fever for fermenting!

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