Anticipating ASCO 2024: Perspectives from Oncologists

ASCO 2024, a pivotal conference for unveiling the latest advancements in cancer care, is just around the corner and oncologists are ready for it. A recent survey conducted by InCrowd provides exclusive insights into the minds of 530 oncologists, revealing their plans, preferences, and expectations for this highly anticipated conference.

Attendance Outlook:

An impressive 72% of oncologists, whether attending in-person or virtually, are gearing up for ASCO 2024, underscoring the event’s importance in the oncology community.

Exciting Topics on the Horizon

Topics ranging from groundbreaking research to innovative therapies have captured the interest of oncologists. Attendees are eager to engage in discussions that promise to shape the future of cancer treatment and drive progress in the field

Preferred Engagement Channels

Oncologists express a preference for interactive and informative sessions over traditional exhibition booths. They seek opportunities for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange, highlighting the importance of tailored engagement strategies for maximizing impact at ASCO.

Anticipated Impact

ASCO Impact

Oncologists anticipate ASCO 2024 will have a significant impact across various aspects of cancer care. From knowledge expansion to prescribing practices, the conference is poised to catalyze change in the field.

Unlocking Insights with InCrowd

InCrowd offers real-time data insights to help you monitor awareness and gauge your impact at ASCO and beyond. We regularly help clients navigate the ASCO landscape by providing insights assessing:

  • Excitement around conference topics, both before and after the event.
  • Awareness and impact of new clinical data/presentation sessions.
  • Attendance and oncologist-preferred methods of interaction with pharmaceutical companies

Get in touch to learn how you can leverage InCrowd’s expertise to navigate ASCO 2024 and shape the future of cancer care. 

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