InCrowd Releases InCrowd Interview, Qualitative Market Insights Solution for Life Sciences

Making the qualitative insights process fast, easy, painless, and scalable via automation

WATERTOWN, MA September 10, 2019—InCrowd, the pioneer of real-time market insights for the life sciences, announces the general availability of InCrowd Interview, a one-stop qualitative insights solution. Continuing its mission to reduce the friction in sourcing high-quality market insights, InCrowd with its InCrowd Insights offering takes a complicated, frustrating, manual process and transforms it through automation and other technology. InCrowd Interview streamlines qualitative interview set-up and execution to take just a fraction of the time of traditional approaches, enabling insights professionals to devote greater focus on analysis and initiatives with business impact.  

“The historical barriers to fast, efficient, high-quality qualitative research in the life sciences space are significant,” noted Daniel S. Fitzgerald, InCrowd CEO and president. “With InCrowd Interview we saw a real opportunity to automate the steps for enabling qual work with rigor and technology, remove unnecessary processing and administrative pain, and thus bring more value and impact to our clients. InCrowd Interview makes qualitative research a  more accessible—and more scalable—endeavor for our clients.”

Learning from industry experts, clients, and from its experience with MicroQual, InCrowd’s 2017 qualitative market research product, the company has advanced its qualitative research technology and service offering to deliver tech-enabled market insights in significantly less time.

Designed with compliance in mind, InCrowd Interview simplifies and automates qualitative research setup by centralizing the management of all key components—identifying, screening, scheduling, communicating, managing, recording, and transcribing. In addition to its innovative technology, the solution recruits from InCrowd’s dedicated—and validated—Crowd of physicians, nurses, patients, payers, pharmacists, and dentists, among other healthcare experts.

“Qual research is a slow, administrative slog most of the time. InCrowd Interview vastly improves the user experience for research participants and removes a lot of inefficiency — allowing insights teams to spend their time analyzing their research instead of waiting for it,” said Caleb Costa, InCrowd chief commercial officer. “We designed the system to address the most painful aspects of the fragmented workflow. Scheduling used to take days, but now it’s done in minutes or hours—giving our customers more time to apply their learnings.”

By offering one-step screening and scheduling for busy healthcare professionals, InCrowd Interview allows projects to complete in days rather than weeks. With its speed and simplicity, the solution  transforms qualitative research for life science insights professionals. Check out the InCrowd Interview video to learn more.