Bring Control to Qualitative Research

Transform qual market research

InCrowd Interview automates the many complicated, logistical functions of qualitative research—identifying, screening, scheduling, communicating, managing, recording, and transcribing—while centrally housing all critical project details for teammates on demand. No more administrative hassle, back and forth with stakeholders, spreadsheets, or waiting!

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How It Works


Find participants from verified, high-quality "Crowd"


Schedule interviews within minutes


Conduct and record virtual interviews


Store recordings, transcripts, and details on the platform


Optimized Process

Interview manages workflow with:


  • Automated identification, invitations, and participant and moderator scheduling through one simple execution
  • Streamlined communications
  • In-platform storage of recordings, transcripts, and project details
  • Blinding by design

Autonomous Qual

Interview advances self-conducted qualitative research by:


  • Saving time and minimizing tedious waiting
  • Improving quality of research, mitigating bias through automation
  • Strong participants through rigorous validation and screening
  • Autonomy and flexibility in gathering qualitative interviews

Empowered Experience

Interview enhances qualitative research delivery by:


  • Researcher-controlled qual platform
  • Integrated access to validated experts
  • Automated screening to mitigate bias
  • System reminders and one-step rescheduling

"The scheduling feature alone saves me hours from each project. Just having all the details at my fingertips is also game changing."

VP of Strategy

Market Research Organization

Pricing Model

Here When You Need It

A monthly fee gives you on-demand access, flexibility to start a project when needed, and scalability of costs as your project demands grow. Additional variable costs will apply and depend on each project’s specifications.


Start a project with just a few keystrokes.


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