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InCrowd Interview helps you conduct fast and cost-effective qualitative research with an expanded pool of healthcare professionals (HCPs). Same day scheduling means projects that once took several weeks, or even longer, can be completed in a few days.

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How It Works


Find participants from verified, high-quality “Crowd”


Schedule interviews


Conduct and record interviews


Store recordings, transcripts, and details on InCrowd Interview platform


Expanded Access

Your interview hinges on the right participant. Of physicians who participate in quantitative research, 40% don’t participate in qualitative research (according to InCrowd data). Traditionally, it’s a time-consuming, frustrating experience for them. By creating a strong user experience that addresses barriers to participation for our HCPs, InCrowd Interview is able to attract more experts to participate in qualitative research. Our focus on user experience makes it easy for both researchers and HCPs to participate in qualitative research.

Streamlined Technology

InCrowd Interview facilitates the workflow of the traditional qualitative market research process by automating identification, invitations, and participant and moderator scheduling through one simple execution. Designed with compliance in mind, it improves communications, while providing in-platform storage for recordings, transcripts, and project details.

Enhanced Quality

With its streamlined research process, InCrowd Interview improves the quality of qualitative research. It mitigates bias through the product automation. In addition, InCrowd’s “Crowd” of experts are rigorously vetted to ensure strong participants and ultimately high-quality data.

Accelerated Insight

When conducting qualitative research in the life sciences industry, InCrowd Interview allows you to achieve qualitative insights with unheard of speed. And InCrowd’s team of market research experts is there to ensure all client needs are met and the project yields the most informative results for your business.

"InCrowd Interview was able to deliver a qual project with 20 interviews in less than a week, something that typically would’ve taken us months. The quality of the participants was very strong, as was the knowledge and expertise of the market researchers at InCrowd. It’s a truly amazing offering."

Pharma Manufacturing Client

Pricing Model

Here When You Need It

InCrowd’s pricing model allows market researchers additional time savings, providing the ability to execute a project on a moment’s notice and scale easily with project demands.


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