Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I review the Terms & Conditions?

Please click Terms and Conditions to review.

Where can I review the InCrowd Privacy Policy?

Click Privacy Policy to review.

Which medical professionals are eligible

We have 15 healthcare professions and dozens of specialty areas that we currently conduct research in and are always expanding. To see if our research opportunities are the right fit for you, check out the Join Our Crowd section at the top of this page.

I didn’t pass validation, what do I do?

All registrants are put through a multi level validation program that makes sure we have all the necessary information to confirm your registration. Sometimes you might leave something out or we don’t have enough long term information to confirm you. Simply reach out to us via the chat function when prompted on the screen after registration or email us. Almost all incomplete registrations are resolved within minutes of you communicating with a team member.


You can use the chat box in the bottom right of your profile or survey screen to start a conversation with a member of the team or email Most inquiries are responded to within about 5 minutes Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM ET.

If I provide my medical opinion in response to an InCrowd microsurvey, is there any potential malpractice liability?

No. InCrowd is a research and information platform. People using any information provided by respondents assume full responsibility.

How does the Sunshine Act impact my participation with InCrowd?

Quantitative MicroSurveys:

Because payments to physicians for participating in pharmaceutical and medical device marketing research are typically made by research companies, in this case by InCrowd, rather than manufacturer-sponsors, and to health care professionals whose identities are unknown to the manufacturer-sponsors, those payments are, in most cases, excluded from reporting under the Sunshine Act law: SEC. 1128G (e)(10)(A). In the rare circumstance in which your payment needs to be reported to the manufacturer-sponsors and subsequently to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, InCrowd will do so in accordance with our terms and conditions found here.

As a Crowd member, how will my personal information be used?

We will only use your personal information to validate that you are a licensed healthcare professional and to provide you with compensation. Otherwise, you will be known only by your unique user ID. At no time will your name, your employer name or your contact information be released or associated with the responses you provide.

What is my responsibility as a Crowd member?

As a Crowd member, we ask that you provide honest and complete information as part of your profile and include thoughtful, and timely responses to the microsurveys and qualitative interviews that you participate in. You can participate in as many or as few surveys as you would like. If you would like to participate, please make an effort to respond to surveys as soon as you receive an invitation and give thoughtful, clear responses to questions.


The majority of the InCrowd MicroSurveys can be answered in about 5 to 10 minutes. Our Qualitative interviews can take between 15-60 minutes. Interviews are scheduled at a time that you select that is convenient for you. In every MicroSurvey invite you will be informed of the expected time to complete the survey so that you can plan accordingly.

When will I receive payment for my qualitative interview?

Payment for completed interviews will be added to your account 24 hours after you have completed the interview. For example, if you complete your interview January 1st at 12:30pm EDT you will see the payment in your account 12:30pm EDT on January 2nd.

What are the expectations if I participate in an InCrowd interview?

You will receive emails with the dial in information as well as a calendar invite hold. You can reference all the important aspects of your call in either the email or calendar invite. Please join a few minutes before your scheduled call and make sure your audio is working and you’re in a quiet space. Respond thoughtfully while you engage with your moderator and share your expertise.

How often will I get surveys?

Survey invitations are depending on our algorithm, survey availability, as well as your professional background and specialty. To ensure you are getting all of the surveys relevant to you, check that your account details–specifically your NPI (if applicable), medical license number, patient volume, practice setting, and years of experience–are complete and correct.

How do I opt into SMS?

If you would like to opt into SMS alerts, sign in to your account and select Notify By Mobile under the “Profile” tab.


You will earn money every time you answer a MicroSurvey. InCrowd will pay you via PayPal or Tango every time your balance reaches a defined $25 or more. You may make the selection to receive an e-gift card via Tango or PayPal any time you redeem your rewards. If you select PayPal, make sure your payment email with InCrowd is reflective of your PayPal email address.

How do I cash out my rewards?

You can cash out via PayPal or Tango after being a member of our Crowd for 48 hours or more and have at least $25 in rewards earned. Below is an explanation of both payment options:



Occasionally, your inbox may file the email with the e-gift card link in your spam box. If you do not see a message from Tango in your spam folder, please reach out via chat and we would be happy to resend it or send it to new email address.

Can you send rewards via check?

We do not offer checks as a method of redemption. Please choose the payment method that works best for you. Tango offers e-gift card selections or selecting PayPal will send redeemed rewards directly to your PayPal account.

Do I need to pay taxes on my rewards?

If you redeem $600 or more of your earned rewards in a calendar year, we will send you a W9 tax form to the same email used for your log in. We are required to collect these forms by the federal government and we may need to prevent future redemptions if we do not receive a requested form. You do not need to reach out to us to know if you are obligated to submit a form, we’ll reach out to you if you’ve met that $600 threshold. You can however, always track earned and redeemed rewards under the ‘Payments’ tab of your account.


We have an internal referral program for our members. You may become eligible for the program once they’ve been a member for at least three months and have completed multiple surveys. Once eligible you’ll be notified via email or SMS as well as see a new tab on your profile with information on the referral program and a unique referral link. We are continuing to expand the program, but if you are not yet a member and would like to refer, reach out via or the chat feature.

How does the referral program work?

You will receive an email and/or SMS notification when the program is open to you. This email will explain the program in detail, and a “Refer a Friend” tab will appear on your account homepage. The “Refer a Friend” tab will also have all of the referral information. If you have any other questions, you can always contact Crowd support.

I am missing some of my referral bonus.

Referred colleagues must participate in two surveys before the referral bonus will be added to your account. Two business days after the referred member has completed their second survey, the bonus will go into each of your accounts. If you are missing referral funds, it is likely that your colleague has not yet taken a second survey with us or the two days haven’t passed. Remind them to complete their profile fully!


Yes, we have both. If you are interested in a partnership or sponsorship, please reach out to with information regarding your group or website and the type of opportunity you’re interested in. We work with many healthcare professional groups and influencers and have also partnered with both for profit and nonprofit organizations.


You can choose to receive a text message and/or email alerting you that a new MicroSurvey or Interview opportunity is available. You may also log in to your account and review the ‘Waiting Surveys’ section on your home page. From that email or sms you will follow a link to the MicroSurvey, provide your responses, and click submit. Your account will immediately be credited upon completion of the MicroSurvey. Interviews will take place at a time and date that is convenient for you and payment will be issued 24 hours after the interview has concluded.

What other ways can I get involved with InCrowd?

You can update your profile at any time to specify the type of notification. If you would like to opt into email or SMS alerts, sign in to your account and select Notify By Email or Notify By Mobile under the “Profile” tab.


Why is my account disabled?

There could be missing information or issues with validation, or we could have received inconsistent survey responses. Please check with a member of the team using our chat function for more information.

I have duplicate accounts and I want my rewards consolidated.

Please contact crowd support and let us know the email addresses of each account, specifying which account you would like to continue to use as part of our program.

My account information is incorrect.

Sign into your account and select the ‘Profile’ tab to edit your personal and professional information. If you need to make a change to your specialty or email address please contact

Where do I find InCrowd’s blog?

Our blog can be found here. We recommend sorting by the ‘Healthcare’ or ‘Guest Writer’ topics first.

How can I connect with InCrowd on social media?

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.