Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I review the Terms & Conditions?

Please click Terms & Conditions to review.

Where can I review the InCrowd Privacy Policy?

Click Privacy Policy to review.

Is there support if I need it?

Yes. Contact our support team if you need assistance answering and InCrowd microsurvey.

I forget my password, what do I do?

There is a link on the Sign In page labeled Forgot My Password. Please click this link and you will receive an email with a new, temporary password. If you experience further difficulties signing in please contact InCrowd for support.

If I provide my medical opinion in response to an InCrowd microsurvey, is there any potential malpractice liability?

No. InCrowd is a research and information platform. People using the information assume full responsibility for the use of information provided by respondents.

What is my responsibility as a Crowd member?

As a Crowd member, we ask that you provide honest, thoughtful and timely responses to the microsurveys that you receive. We hope you enjoy contributing your opinion regarding pharmaceutical agents and medical devices in development while reaping the financial rewards of participation.

How long will it take me to answer each microsurvey?

It will take approximately 2-5 minutes to read and answer the majority of the InCrowd microsurveys.

How will I be compensated when I answer a microsurvey?

You will earn money every time you answer a microsurvey. InCrowd will pay you via Pay Pal every time your balance reaches a defined amount. In addition, you will be compensated $1 for each survey you attempt to answer but do not meet the screening qualifications.

As a Crowd member, how will my personal information be used?

We will only use your personal information to validate that you are a licensed healthcare professional and to provide you with compensation. Otherwise, you will be known only by your unique userid. At no time will your name, your employer name or your contact information be released or associated with the responses you provide.

How do I answer an InCrowd microsurvey?

You will receive a text message, email, or iOS notification, your choice, alerting you that a new microsurvey is waiting to be answered. From the initial message you follow a link to the microsurvey, provide your response and hit submit. Your account will automatically be credited for answering the microsurvey. During registration you can select whether you prefer being contacted by text message, email, iOS notification or all three.