Second in a Series: Burnout Exists at High Rates Regardless of Practice Setting or Years in Medicine

Post By Charu Gupta

June 27, 2016

Physician burnout is slowly coming out of the shadows as a very real problem, rather than just an occupational hazard doctors need to accept. With this in mind, InCrowd has been conducting real-time microsurveys of doctors working in primary care, ERs, hospitals, and specialized medicine to understand if there is any difference in the level of burnout based on the field of medicine, or number of years in practice.

Our second and most recent survey corroborates our initial findings that burnout is prevalent amongst doctors–and it doesn’t vary depending on where they work or how long they’ve been working. Burnout exists at high rates. Period. The two data visualizations above capture in startling detail our findings on these two fronts.

With our Crowd of experts offering their honest, thoughtful, and emotional insights, InCrowd hopes to expand the discussion around physician burnout and work towards a solution. We’ll be sharing our final installment in this series later this week.

Also read the first post in this series, “A New Survey Unlocks the Human Experiences Behind Physician Burnout.”

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