Our Physician Photoshoot: Spotlight on Dr. Haddad

Post By Emily Pereira

January 22, 2019

InCrowd had the pleasure of conducting interviews and photoshoots with a few members of our Crowd late last year. One of those physicians was Dr. Haddad, an internal medicine physician who practices in the Boston area. We met with Dr. Haddad and asked her about her experience as a physician using our platform.

Our conversation covered many topics and here are few snippits to get to know Dr. Haddad and how she uses her InCrowd membership better. Dr. Haddad practices at a community clinic, and we asked her favorite part about being in that environment. “I love community clinics because we never turn away a patient. We see everybody regardless of who they are, where they’re from, how much they own. Even if they don’t have insurance, we’ll see them. We have such an impact on people’s lives.”

We also asked her about what makes her participate frequently in InCrowd MicroSurveys. Dr. Haddad said, “The thing I like the most about InCrowd surveys is the duration. It’s very short and quick, so that’s really the best thing about it. It’s also the fact that you get reimbursed for your time, and I think it’s very appropriate, the amount that you get for the time that you put into it. You can tell from the questions what they’re geared to, and I think the company really tries to have an impact on healthcare based on our decisions– based on our responses, which is nice. You feel like you’re contributing to change.”

Dr. Haddad is also wonderfully contributes to spreading the news about InCrowd and using our Referral Program, “I have had a chance to invite other colleagues. I’ve told all my residency friends. I’ve told all my medical school friends about it. Everyone who will listen, I’ll tell them about it because I think it’s a great way to make money on the side.”

We’re proud to have Dr. Haddad in our Crowd.  Stay tuned for more pictures from our photoshoot!



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