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Video Recording Tips
Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your video recording experience.


  • Please close open windows
  • Make sure you’re in a place without other people, children or pets in the vicinity
  • Turn off alerts on your calendar, computer, silence your phone


  • Do not sit directly in front of an open window. The glare and backlighting will not be
  • Natural light is great, if too sunny use your blinds/curtains to adjust.
  • If you have a table lamp, push it so it is behind your desktop monitor or laptop screen.
  • This forward-facing, warm light can add a nice dimension.
  • Check your image on the screen, is it too dark? Make sure overhead lights are on.


  • If your chair is not adjustable, try grabbing a couple thick books and putting them underneath your laptop or monitor to adjust for the perfect level. OR if your chair is not adjustable, and your seat is quite low, raise yourself up with an extra cushion or pillow.
  • What is in the background of your shot? Is there anything personal or items you might
    not want on screen? Otherwise, your personal touches at your home or office are a great addition.
  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Only tip here is if you have fair skin, bright white is not the best color for video recording.
  • If you have notes that you want to refer to (speaking from the heart is fine too), tape them near the center of your monitor (not covering the camera of course) at eye level once you’ve leveled the books under your screen. That way if you have to glance at your notes, you don’t look like you’re looking off screen, or in another direction.