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InCrowd Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Non-Frontline Specialist Tracking Report – Wave 1

April 14, 2020

Wave 2 of this Tracking Report is now available here!

With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), InCrowd wanted to understand and track non-frontline treating specialists to learn about their perceptions on the spread of the virus, strategies for managing the outbreak, staying engaged with patients, and predictions for their patients and practices moving forward.


  • Method: 6-minute MicroSurvey via InCrowd
  • Crowds: Oncologists, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Cardiologists Gastroenterologists, Dermatologists
  • Sample Size: n=202 Total Physicians (99 Hospital-Based, 103 Office-Based)
  • Fielding Period: April 6-7, 2020

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