Special Report: Top Pharma Predictions for 2016

The pharma industry is undergoing momentous changes with the advance of technology, and is always under pressure to balance the cost and the time that it takes to bring new drugs to market versus the rising costs the public experiences.

In this climate, InCrowd conducted a real time microsurvey of 52 physicians, 7 managed care executives, and 59 pharmacists to help the industry better understand what trends and sentiments are ahead in 2016.

Our findings revealed some key takeaways around drug prices, pharmacy reimbursement, and patient-oriented care.

  • Over two-thirds of respondents want to see lower prices but predict no change, or perhaps higher prices for their patients.
  • 34% of respondents say they want better price controls, whereas 3% predict that’s actually what will happen.
  • Over half of pharmacists want better pharmacy reimbursement, but half of these respondents expect lower reimbursements or no change.
  • The trend was similar for patient-oriented care.

Download our report to read the full findings.


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