Promotional Effectiveness of Companies Treating Multiple Myeloma

Promotional Effectiveness Case Study

Imagine how your promotional effectiveness tracking research would be enhanced with access to more than 750 unique oncologists/specialists each month. You’d collect higher quality responses (with tighter recruitment windows) from better respondents (targets, high decile).

That’s how many unique oncologists/specialists InCrowd can deliver! A recent promo tracking study in multiple myeloma demonstrates InCrowd’s capability. Drawing from a pool of 755 unique oncologists who participated in September research, InCrowd pulled-in 435 of them to collect their exposure to multiple myeloma sales reps. The sample serves:

• First, to inform promotional activities (share-of-voice, reach, frequency), and
• Next, to power custom research to understand the happenings and impact of each rep interaction.

To learn more about InCrowd’s Promotional Effectiveness capabilities, download our Multiple Myeloma Promotional Effectiveness Tracking Case Study!

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