Wave-over-Wave Research At Your Fingertips

Real-Time, Automated Tracking of Brands and Perceptions

Create an annual tracking agenda in minutes, that brings you fresh, unbiased sample over time.


Meet deadlines and stay within budget

Our automated MicroTracker helps you deliver longitudinal market research studies on-demand.

Now you no longer have to re-field a tracker survey every week or every month. Our technology does that, so you can spend your valuable time analyzing the results and making critical business decisions.

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Automate the collection and visualization of your most vital KPIs

MicroTracker lets you setup your annual tracking agenda in minutes and gives you full, on-demand access to your data, whether as a complement to your existing awareness, trial, and usage study, or to just monitor a few key metrics.

How It Works


Create a survey using one of our 13 unique question types.


Customize your Crowd criteria from our pool of experts.


Set your tracking schedule, excluding previous respondents.


Receive your results in real time.


Compare wave-over-wave data on-demand

Each wave adds another level of complex data to your study. Built-in data visualization software lets you compare waves, and filter results to hone in on a particular set of waves or responses.

Immediately ask follow-up questions

Things happen. Modular and flexible question formats let you add questions and follow-up to insights from longer tracking projects or react to unexpected market events.

Identify competitive threats

When a competitor product arrives, get quick feedback from key stakeholders regarding product utilization and revisit the same physicians every few months to track trends in usage uptake.

Pulse the Market

Use frequent pulses immediately after a launch to supplement ATUs, make fast, informed decisions, and change ground tactics as needed.

Perform longitudinal brand tracking

Monitor your competitive positioning in new markets on a monthly basis by  consistently tracking a core set of key performance indicators (KPIs) at any point in the product lifecycle.

Track Global Brands

Reach healthcare experts worldwide quickly, with high quality, and on a regular basis to ensure market visibility and measure vital metrics to your brand.

"Your team helped us design and setup our tracking study in a way that has let us observe and respond to market changes quickly. We've become so much more nimble with our projects, and I'm sure this is giving us a competitive edge in our market."

Brand Director

Major Pharma Company

Pricing Model

Here When You Need It

When unexpected needs for real-time insights arise, you need to be nimble.

Our subscription model allows you to use the platform when you need it and renew on-demand. This fluid exchange makes it easy to keep up with your market research timeline and deadlines.

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