Concise Conversations for Quality Qual

Organize and execute interviews easily

Incorporating InCrowd’s micro research principles—brevity and iteration—MicroQual creates micro interviews as short as 20-minutes. Scheduling as fast as same-day, MicroQual streamlines a process that can take weeks with existing offerings.


Automated scheduling, document delivery, and communications

MicroQual logistics features allow researchers to easily schedule interviews, designate moderators, and capture blinded respondent insights. Automated transcriptions, multi-party voice communication, presentation of stimulus, and recording functionality, makes execution smooth and seamless.

Stay within budget and timeline

With MicroQual’s virtual interviews, InCrowd takes an otherwise complicated, costly, and time-consuming research effort and makes it easy. Combine these efficiencies with the automated tactical components of qualitative research and MicroQual delivers a powerful solution.

How It Works


Find your Crowd from our triple-verified, high-quality respondents.


Set up your qual survey and schedule interviews.


Conduct virtual interviews, recording voice and video.


Receive videos and transcripts to gain insights.


Improved Experience

MicroQual enhances qualitative research delivery by:

  • Incorporating real-time scheduling as part of participant screening
  • Enabling micro interviews as short as 20-minutes
  • Letting researchers conduct follow-up interviews with the same participants or specific quantitative survey respondents if needed

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Differentiated Qual

Through automation and simplicity MicroQual advances qualitative research by:

  • Improving efficiency and execution of qualitative research, offering as fast as same-day scheduling compared to weeks with existing offerings
  • Providing proprietary scheduling software that allows InCrowd’s project managers to schedule participants in real time
  • Establishing a discipline for iterative research through quick access to participants
  • Allowing customers to leverage the benefits of the subscription-based offering

Streamlined Process

MicroQual optimizes workflow by:

  • Including authorization disclaimer messaging as part of the screening process
  • Simplifying complicated communications channels between all parties
  • Providing a Document Directory in the platform for all qualitative material
  • Ensuring blinding by design

"Your team did a great job facilitating and organizing the usability study sessions we ran last week with PCPs. It was unheard of that we were able to recruit, interview, and get meaningful feedback from physicians all within two days. "

Senior Insights Manager

Major Pharma Company

Pricing Model

Here When You Need It

When unexpected needs for real-time insights arise, you need to be nimble.

Our subscription model allows you to use the platform when you need it and renew on-demand. This fluid exchange makes it easy to keep up with your market research timeline and deadlines.

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