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InCrowd Essentials is a syndicated research solution that delivers foundational data and insights on your key brand health metrics weeks faster than a traditional ATU. Essentials provides the right type and amount of information for your team to identify problems and opportunities in your market.

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Essentials is a cost-effective, syndicated solution, leveraging InCrowd’s agile, compliant, mobile-first platform and panel of 2 million, global healthcare professionals (HCPs).

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How It Works


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Access the online dashboard, reporting results in real-time


Receive quarterly reports


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Save time and money with syndicated market research

Cost-effective approach to tracking core, critical metrics without the pain of legal and compliance approvals.  

Deliver timely insights to your team

Monthly data and insights reach you 1+ weeks faster than traditional research. Quarterly reports delivered 3+ weeks faster than traditional research. 

Perform longitudinal brand tracking

Monitor your competitive positioning on a monthly basis by consistently tracking a core set of key metrics throughout the product lifecycle. 

Identify problems, opportunities, and competitive threats

Notify your teams of problems and opportunities as soon as they occur.

Zero-in on issues with immediate follow-up questions

Understand the problems and opportunities you’ve identified via rapid research designed to dive deep into the topics and respondents of interest.  

Access your on-demand dashboard

Logon to review the latest data at your fingertips, powered by InCrowd’s real-time technology. 

"Your team helped us design and setup our tracking study in a way that has let us observe and respond to market changes quickly. We've become so much more nimble with our projects, and I'm sure this is giving us a competitive edge in our market."


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Pricing Model

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When unexpected needs for real-time insights arise, you need to be nimble.

Our subscription model allows you to use the platform when you need it and renew on-demand. This fluid exchange makes it easy to keep up with your market research timeline and deadlines.

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