Our Crowd – A Global Healthcare Practitioner Network

Our Crowd represents all major physician specialty areas, as well as patients, nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and managed care professionals.

Life sciences market research lets companies engage with these stakeholders in a dialogue about their products and services, and healthcare professionals stay abreast of and comment on the latest developments.

Quality Intelligence & Insights

To enable the best market research possible, our Crowd members need to be vetted. InCrowd's multi-verification process requires that healthcare professionals interested in participating are thoroughly validated. We require regular profile updates and double opt-in registration.

Our Validation Process Includes:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Practice address (if appropriate)
  • Medical license number
  • NPI number
  • Specialty and sub-specialties

Meet One of Our Crowd Physicians

Dr. Howard Jack West, MD

Thoracic Oncologist and Medical Director


BA from Princeton University, Masters of Experimental Biology from University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Harvard Medical School


Named “Top Doctor” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine several times over

Chooses InCrowd for

The Convenience: “It’s the ability to do some of this work on-demand and in small time increments.”

Passion Project

GRACE: Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education

Sharing Insights

“I hope that my input will make a difference. For instance, convey to the pharma companies that there is no perceptible difference in the clinical utility of various checkpoint inhibitors, and that it would be wise for them to be sensitive to cost considerations. And in a world where we consider these strokes to be fungible choices with no distinctions among them, I would love for them to listen to what I say.”

Key Benefits

“I just consider [InCrowd] a very efficient, innocuous way to earn money for a five or ten-minute commitment.”

  • It’s on-demand rather than having to schedule it in advance
  • Questions are direct and understandable
  • Microsurveys are not repetitive
  • Multiple financial reward options

How It Compares

To Consulting

“This is just so much more nimble than that. That’s the appeal. It’s so real time. It’s something you could do on your phone if you wanted to.”

To Other Survey Options

“[Others] are incredibly long and boring. They’re nondescript, non-informative, and tedious. With InCrowd, the fact that you only have three or four screens rather than 50 is easier to do for me.”

Answers Are Closer Than You Think

Our sales team is standing by to help you customize the right program for your business.