Q&A with AIS Health: Pharma Trends for 2018

InCrowd’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Meghan Oates-Zalesky was recently featured in AIS Health’s Market Access Spotlight newsletter and shared her 2018 predictions for the pharmaceutical industry.

With drug prices and premiums rising yearly, Meghan foresees further innovations in technology and the pharma development process. Additionally, she shares thoughts on the Trump administration’s goal of speeding up the drug approval process – a topic for continued discussion at InCrowd in 2018.

Here is an excerpt of what Meghan shared during her Q&A with Market Access Spotlight:

 “I believe the administration’s intention will be to deregulate and let market forces drive costs. I suspect there’ll be an effort made to facilitate — and speed up — the drug approval process and approve more drugs for market in the coming year. But like so many things for which the Trump administration has aspired, the reality is much more complicated than he and others had suspected…”

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