PM360: Q&A on InCrowd’s Efforts to Increase Women Physicians’ Voices in Market Research

InCrowd’s two female co-founders Diane Hayes and Janet Kosloff are working with Physician Moms Group (PMG), also founded by two female leaders, Dr. Hala Sabry and Dr. Dina Seif, to give women a more prominent voice in pharma market research. PM360 featured this unique and much-needed partnership in their latest issue.

PM360’s Andrew Matthius interviewed InCrowd’s Diane Hayes to get the full story. He writes:

Through this partnership, InCrowd and PMG will increase the perspective of women physicians in market research, which would result in more complete and nuanced research. PM360 spoke to Hayes about the partnership, including how it formed, what it means for pharma, and what else the company is doing to grow its crowd.

Read the full Q&A between Diane Hayes and PM360