PM360: Global MicroTracker Named “Most Innovative Service of 2017”

InCrowd’s Global MicroTracker has been named one of the most innovative services of 2017 by PM360, a leading magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries.

Incrowd’s Global MicroTracker was selected as part of PM360’s sixth annual Innovations Issue, published each December. This issue was established to serve as a guide to the year’s most innovative companies, startups, divisions, products, services, and strategies from within the healthcare and life sciences industries. PM360 received over a 100 submissions this year.

From the PM360 issue:

Global MicroTracker was developed as a result of InCrowd’s customers’ need to get timely and accurate global insights for pharmaceutical drug products. Global market research can be extremely difficult, laborious, and costly to perform, but without it companies can be left launching products with huge blind spots—or foregoing global launches all together.

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