MicroTracker Wins 2 Big Fierce Innovation Awards!

MicroTracker won the 2016 Fierce Innovation Award for “Best Technological Innovation” and “Best in Show for Technological Innovation” in the life sciences, a category meant to recognize products and services that are “utilizing new and innovative technology to better serve the industry and promote innovation.”

The awards are hosted by FierceBiotech and FiercePharma.

One of the biggest challenges in market research is the time and money the process itself takes. Hours and hours designing and setting up the research project, weeks to find the right respondents, months for the data and insights to come in.

MicroTracker automates this tedious process and can cut the manual time spent upfront by at least 75 percent. Researchers can now setup their tracking agendas for the whole year in minutes and save dozens of hours every quarter on deployment and wave-over-wave reporting.

In determining the award winners, Fierce Innovation Award judges said, “MicroTracker was a great use of technology to streamline data collection and get answers to users faster” and recognized how it is fundamentally changing and disrupting how longitudinal studies are conceived and conducted.

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“Looming patent expirations and heightened competition are forcing biotech and pharma companies to rethink longstanding work processes and dramatically improve their efficiency. We’re proud to apply technology to speed time-to-business insights—helping the life science industry to deliver much needed treatments to the market sooner,” said Janet Kosloff, InCrowd’s CEO and co-founder.

Judges also noted two real world applications of MicroTracker’s unique technology.

  1. Pulsing the Market

A major pharma company was launching a first in class oncology therapy and needed a supplement to its large—and already in progress—ATU study. The company believed focused, frequent pulses of likely prescribers immediately following the launch would help the brand team make fast, informed decisions that better directed sales reps’ tactics on the ground. InCrowd leveraged MicroTracker to recruit only targeted, high-writing oncologists, design a set of metrics that represented success for the brand, and assess KPIs monthly, quickly.

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  1. Identifying Competitive Threats

Company ZZZ was very concerned about product X being launched into its market. They needed quick feedback from key stakeholders regarding product utilization and wanted to revisit the same physicians in a few months to track trends in usage uptake. In the past, monitoring such perceptions would require 1-3 months to develop a survey, field it, analyze it, and deliver results. Instead, the pharma company leveraged InCrowd’s real-time microsurvey platform to design and conduct research waves over four months.

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Other winners in the 2016 Fierce Innovation Life Sciences Awards include:

  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals, “Best Biotech Innovation”
  • Covance, “Best Data Technology and Business Intelligence”
  • Context Media Health, “Best Digital Health Solution”
  • Bicycle Therapeutics, “Best Drug Delivery Technology”

Other “Best in Show” winners include:

  • Covance, “Best Outsourcing Partner”
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals, “Best New Product or Service”