InCrowd Releases New Global MicroTracker for International Market Research

InCrowd’s New Global MicroTracker Improves Efficiency and Quality for Tracking Brands Competing in Global Markets                 

BOSTON, MA August 2, 2017—InCrowd, pioneer of real-time market intelligence to the life sciences and healthcare industries, today announces the launch of Global MicroTracker, a new automated market monitoring solution for life science and pharmaceutical brands in competitive global markets.

Current global market tracking is fraught with manual processes that are inefficient and slow. InCrowd’s Global MicroTracker is built on MicroTracker, debuted by InCrowd in mid-2016 to help InCrowd clients navigate busy markets and react more quickly and decisively to market shifts.

“We’re seeing more of our clients with brands operating in highly competitive markets needing greater speed-to-insight, particularly for post-launch market visibility. In a volatile market, a brand’s success often comes down to its speed to react to change,” said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd. “Since we launched our MicroTracker a year ago domestically, we’ve had several clients looking for us to also support their brands abroad. Global MicroTracker lets us do that.”

Global MicroTracker brings efficiencies through technology to market researchers by automating a dated, manual process and providing a better way to track key metrics with a fresh, unbiased, and representative global healthcare sample. Bringing market visibility with consistent monitoring of critical KPIs, Global MicroTracker equips researchers defend their brands against aggressive competition and market instability.