InCrowd Gives its 2 Millionth Answer to Life Sciences Market Researchers

Milestone Demonstrates InCrowd’s Rapid Growth in the Life Sciences Market Research Industry and Increased Market Appetite for On-Demand Insights

WATERTOWN, MA June 6, 2018—InCrowd, pioneer of the real-time market intelligence platform for global life sciences, delivered its 2 millionth answer from its Crowd of healthcare professionals.

This achievement reflects a growth in demand for real-time market insights offerings—a market created and led by InCrowd. Since opening its doors in 2011, InCrowd has amassed more than 100 life science clients representing some 230 brands. These brands illuminate their strategies with high-quality, actionable data, informing business decisions with the most powerful tool of all: timely insights.

“We continue to see a strong appetite for real-time answers in the life sciences market research space,” said Janet Kosloff, CEO and Co-Founder of InCrowd. “To respond to demand, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include qualitative research, launching our second product in the space in the coming weeks. As we continue to grow, we’re evolving our platform to optimize data for our clients in more strategic ways.”

In addition to expanding qualitative delivery, InCrowd has strengthened its global capabilities by enhancing the ability to deliver native-speaker translations faster and more accurately with GlobalTranslate. The combination of better translations and deeper, worldwide partnerships has allowed InCrowd to increase its OUS work and continue to meet the demand for expedited answers worldwide. GlobalTranslate follows a two-year productization strategy that includes Global MicroTracker, MicroQual, and MicroTracker, fueling InCrowd’s growth as it continues to remove barriers that stymie market researchers in their pursuit to gather vital, time-sensitive insights.

InCrowd‘s market intelligence platform is the engine that powers its accomplishments, filling a growing need in life sciences for faster access to high-quality data. InCrowd’s MicroSurveys elicit dramatically higher response rates—typically 40%—by asking fewer questions and with surveys designed to capture maximum respondent focus and taking an average of 5-7 minutes to complete. With InCrowd’s market intelligence platform, life science brands can increase their pace of business to bring critical, life-saving medications to market faster.