InCrowd Debuts MicroTracker, First Automated Approach To Life Science Market Research Tracking Studies

Faster, ongoing tracking of KPIs with hard-to reach prescribers; Automation for wave-over-wave insights, more agile teams, better-informed brand decisions

BOSTON, MA May 12, 2016—InCrowd, a provider of real-time market intelligence to life sciences and healthcare firms, announced a new market insights solution, the InCrowd MicroTracker, the industry’s first automated approach to life science tracking studies, where brand perceptions by healthcare prescribers and consumers are longitudinally assessed and monitored over time.

Despite spending over $2.5 billion annually on Awareness, Trial and Usage (ATU) and other studies used in important regulatory filings and peer-reviewed publications, life science companies remain hamstrung by a largely outdated traditional market research process that requires significant manual effort.

InCrowd’s new MicroTracker eliminates weeks from the delivery of results from tracker studies, like ATUs. By bringing efficiencies with automated sampling, data integration, and visualization technologies, MicroTracker streamlines an otherwise cumbersome and difficult process. It allows researchers to respond faster to dynamic markets and deliver results with speed, ease, and flexibility.

“Research automation is finally here for that most painfully repetitive, yet highly important market insights effort, the tracking study,” said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd. “Our MicroTracker provides a better way to track the key metrics that matter and free staff for more important analysis and summary work that delivers greater business impact.”

InCrowd’s new technology was used in InCrowd’s recent Zika virus tracking survey, enabling the team to integrate Wave 1 results from February with Wave 2 from April three times faster – saving 75% of the time it typically takes. In minutes researchers can set up their tracking agendas for the entire year, saving dozens of hours every quarter.

With the InCrowd MicroTracker, life science market insights teams can consistently gather data on KPIs with a fresh, unbiased, and representative healthcare sample as they define it against targeted specialists drawn from InCrowd’s expansive global “Crowd.” They can automatically:

  • Repeat the fielding of a tracker survey
  • Exclude previous respondents for a given number of waves
  • Aggregate responses
  • Provide visual comparison of waves
  • Filter results based on respondent groups or crowds

With the InCrowd MicroTracker, researchers can focus on the critical metrics that truly matter, monitor them, and make smart, confident business decisions.