InCrowd Debuts InCrowd Essentials, A Streamlined Approach To Traditional Life Science Market Tracking  

Syndicated research that delivers strategic insights weeks sooner than traditional market tracking,Essentials helps brand managers identify opportunities, stay ahead of the competition

WATERTOWN MA September 19, 2022—InCrowd, a pioneer of real-time, automated insights for the life science industry and an Apollo Intelligence (Apollo) brand, announced the availability of InCrowd Essentials  (Essentials), a syndicated market research solution for life sciences. An agile, tech-enabled complement to the traditional tracking study, Essentials delivers ongoing, real-time access to the market-performance metrics brand teams require, through a platform that’s designed to integrate timely, event-driven research when the need arises. Further extending InCrowd’s tracking solutions, as a syndicated offering, Essentials provides a leaner, fixed-price alternative to InCrowd’s award-winning MicroTracker product. Essentials puts brand health front and center as it frees brand managers to quickly respond to problems, as well as seize opportunities, related to healthcare professional (HCP) product awareness, perceptions, prescribing, and promotional activities, among other critical metrics. With Essentials, brand managers avoid internal legal and compliance approvals, while benefiting from receiving results weeks faster than traditional methods. Essentials equips life science brands to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with dynamic market conditions.

Essentials’ research applies a large sample size, sourced from InCrowd’s mobile-first platform and vast global panel of over 2 million HCPs, with real-time dashboard access, monthly fielding, and quarterly PowerPoint reports.

With Essentials, brand managers can:

  • gauge product awareness in crowded markets with numerous therapeutic options
  • track product receptivity and adoption among HCPs
  • identify competitive inroads and perception changes
  • monitor post-launch status, with time to take action towards changes
  • measure patient product awareness and perceptions

With InCrowd’s agile, mobile-first, compliant platform, Essentials users benefit from a real-time, online dashboard, enabling a view into data fielding as well as data completing—for real-time results.

“Our clients depend upon market visibility to support the health of their brands. Essentials continues our commitment to providing the innovation our clients need to thrive in today’s intensely competitive markets,” said Daniel S. Fitzgerald, CEO and president of Apollo, parent company to InCrowd. “By bringing our speed-to-insight and global access to syndicated market tracking, Essentials represents an outstanding first stop for syndicated market monitoring.”

Essentials syndicated research on the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) market is available today and is priced on a flat, monthly rate.  Essentials’ research for other therapeutic markets will be published in the coming months. For more information please click here.

About Apollo Intelligence, LLC Apollo’s mission is to accelerate health innovation to improve life. In 2019, Apollo launched with the acquisition of InCrowd, a pioneer of real-time, automated insights for the life science industry. To complement InCrowd and strengthen its global reach, in 2020, Apollo acquired Survey Healthcare Global, a global market leader of first-party healthcare data collection and custom survey solutions. Apollo provides access to 2 million healthcare stakeholders worldwide—including physicians, patients, caregivers, and allied healthcare professionals. Apollo’s 250+ employees support top global pharmaceutical brands, market research agencies, and consultancies across 13 different countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Apollo is a portfolio company of Frazier Healthcare Partners. For more information about Apollo, please visit our website at

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