InCrowd Continues to Develop and Expand Crowds

InCrowd adds pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians to their Crowds of US and international based healthcare professionals available for real time market research.

InCrowd is working to align their Crowds with industry growth. It is predicted the global animal medication market will be over $43 billion by 2018. The dental care system is poised to evolve more during the next 20 years than in the previous 50. Pharmacists, always an integral part of the drug market, will play an increasing role in patient care and medication decisions.

“Industry growth in animal health care and consumer dental products has been the catalyst for expanding these Crowds,” says Phil Moyer, Director of Crowd Operations and Product Development at InCrowd. “Pharmacists have always been a target audience for pharmaceutical companies and we’re starting to see an even greater need for pharmacist feedback with the roll out of the Affordable Care Act.”

Beginning immediately pharmaceutical companies interested in gaining market feedback from these healthcare professionals can directly access Crowds of pre-screened specialists that have opted-in to answer questions in real time. InCrowd provides access to United States and international based Crowds of medical professionals via their on-demand platform.