In Honor of National Doctors Day, InCrowd Delivers Its One- Millionth Answer from its Clinical “Crowd” to the Life Sciences Industry

Using Automation to Deliver Vital Insights Faster, Without the Friction of Traditional Market Research

Boston, MA March 30, 2016–As the healthcare industry celebrates National Doctors Day today, InCrowd, a provider of real-time market intelligence to healthcare and life sciences firms, announced that it has just issued the one millionth answer from its 1.8 million member clinical “Crowd” of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and managed care experts to companies who use InCrowd to obtain business insights. These physicians and clinicians contribute their insights as a service to the life sciences companies that work with InCrowd by answering companies’ pressing business, regulatory, and product questions—insights that represent a faster and more meaningful approach to market research.

The one-million-answers-served milestone today is particularly notable since InCrowd’s pioneering mobile survey format is short and sweet for an important reason. InCrowd delivers surveys that take 2-5 minutes for respondents to complete, and are suited for mobile devices—in contrast to typical surveys with 20 to 30 questions that require 3x or 4x more time for the respondent to complete. As a result InCrowd’s “answers-as-a-service” business model elicits dramatically higher response rates by asking fewer questions by asking only the right ones—and getting responses quickly. More than half of InCrowd’s surveys complete in less than two hours and 60% are taken on mobile devices. The company’s combination of technological enablement and survey development expertise has fostered a community of physicians and other healthcare experts who answer InCrowd’s surveys because they are extremely convenient, and a way to give back to the drug development community that furthers innovation.

“I like to give my input because I am a full-time clinician and providing information to industry might help all of us do a better job,” said an InCrowd Crowd OB/GYN.

Nearly 40% of InCrowd’s Crowd of physicians only answer surveys with InCrowd. “The biggest benefit to InCrowd is that I can be anywhere—in the hospital, in clinic, or in a café, or even on mass transit—and the compact nature of the surveys makes it easy to respond wherever I am,” said an InCrowd Crowd cardiologist.

Recognized for its triple validation process and approach to Crowd security, InCrowd was first on the market in 2011 with a real-time data offering that combined self-service, real-time technology, access to a large Crowd of verified healthcare professionals, and deep life science expertise. The speed and simplicity of InCrowd’s approach has fundamentally changed the industry by providing professional quality data in situations where it was previously impossible to get timely market information.

Today, InCrowd has 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms as customers, relying upon InCrowd’s robust quality processes and verified experts. Through its powerful mobile microsurvey methodology and analytics engine, InCrowd enables clients to reach 1.8M healthcare professionals on-demand throughout the United States and around the globe in 20 languages.

“Market research has been long overdue for technology that automates access and removes the friction between needing insights and getting them from busy people like physicians. We’re delighted to be changing that,” said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd. “Today and always, we celebrate the physicians and healthcare professionals who partner with us to share their insights as a service to our clients in the life sciences industry—insights that we deliver faster and more meaningfully to help speed medical innovation.”