Greenbook: SAP and Qualtrics are Rebranding Branding

The recent merger of SAP & Qualtrics offers lessons for the insights industry to build a foundation of brand health.

Discussion continues even now in tech and financial circles about SAP’s $8B acquisition bid for the market analytics innovator, Qualtrics, aptly summarized with Greenbook’s fine post by Simon Chadwick. Many have questioned the value of Qualtrics and the judgement of SAP CEO Bill McDermott, to the point where McDermott has needed to publicly defend the purchase.

At InCrowd, we admire the attention Qualtrics has placed on monitoring and enabling brand health at the individual level. In the life sciences world, where InCrowd operates, the ability to link individual perceptions—prescriber perceptions and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) in our case—to feedback and intervene at the individual level is limited due to government regulations surrounding prescriber and HCP influence. Thus, the difficulty with attaining and maintaining strong brand health becomes more complex in this challenging regulatory environment. However, such intense insight is often more critical for pharma-related brands where the implications are generally very serious.

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