Bloomberg Radio Welcomes Back Our CEO Janet Kosloff to Talk Poker and Business

InCrowd CEO Janet Kosloff returned to the Bloomberg Bay State Business Hour recently to talk with Tom Moroney and Anne Mostue about her recent successes in poker, and how InCrowd is advancing the market research industry.

Janet discussed how InCrowd’s microsurvey methodology is speeding up how quickly medical professionals can participate in market research.

“We ask information in ‘small bites,’ so that when our doctors hear from us…they know that it’s only going to take a few minutes…and makes it very easy to get that information because they are so busy,” she explained.

Janet also talked about her recent run at Foxwoods for the World Series of Poker Women’s Event, the circuit event for the global competition. As she illustrated, poker is similar to the business world because it requires the ability to look for patterns, know the players in the room, know what you have, and know what you need. The same skills that make her a great poker player help position InCrowd as an innovative and dynamic company.

Listen to the full interview below!