88% of US Pediatricians Highly Recommend COVID-19 Vaccines to All Patients Ages 5-11 When Available, Say New InCrowd Instant Insights Data

Only 5% are concerned about potential risks of severe conditions such as myocarditis and/or pericarditis; 30% say their practices are performing extra outreach to families of color with eligible patient

WATERTOWN, MA, November 3, 2021—New data show that 88% of US pediatricians recommend that all their patients ages 5-11 obtain the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine as authorized by the FDA last week. Seventy-nine percent plan to administer it in this age group as soon as possible. Just 5% of physicians say they are highly concerned about the potential related risks with severe conditions associated with the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine including myocarditis and/or pericarditis. 

Data were sourced on October 29, 2021—between 5pm and 10pm EST—directly after the FDA emergency use authorization announcement on the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine, by InCrowd, real-time market insights company and a brand of Apollo Intelligence (Apollo), global insights innovator for the life sciences industry. Data are part of InCrowd’s Instant Insights series on timely topics.  

As pediatric COVID-19 vaccine supplies are rolled out, 63% of pediatrician-respondents say their practice is equipped to begin administration of the smaller 10 microgram pediatric COVID-19 vaccine doses required for ages 5-11. To allay concerns over risks, 30% say their practices are performing extra outreach to families with children of color ages 5 through 11 to ensure the children obtain their vaccinations as soon as possible.

Other data show that: 

  • School vaccine mandates remain a divisive topic, with half supporting them (51%) and half less convinced.
  • Just 27% say that full FDA authorization of a pediatric COVID-19 vaccine, beyond the present emergency use authorization, would be required to make parents more comfortable with vaccinating their 5-11-year-olds. 
  • Five percent of pediatricians say they are concerned with 5-11-year-old patients obtaining a vaccine somewhere other than their practice because they might obtain the wrong dose. 
  • Five percent are concerned that 5-year-olds are too young and should wait a few months to see how side effects play out in this age group among the general population. 
  • Only 3% say 11-year-olds should wait to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine until they are age 12 so they can get a full dose rather than a smaller child-specific dose. 

In verbatim remarks, respondents discuss frank conversations they are having with patients and their parents.

“I tell them my children will be getting it and the benefits outweigh any risks,” said one respondent.

“I tell them that this is a lifesaving and highly effective vaccine with benefits that far exceed the few minimal risks, which themselves are far lower than the rate of complications from COVID-19,” said another respondent, who said that “in addition, there are likely significant psychological benefits to children that have not yet been described.”  

“Without hesitation, US pediatricians voice strong support for the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine for patients ages 5 to 11, and in verbatim comments characterize it as a vital way to protect their patients from disease and the toll it’s taken on so many families during this pandemic,” said Daniel S. Fitzgerald, CEO of Apollo Intelligence, parent company to InCrowd. “In verbatim remarks many physicians emphasize the safety and efficacy of the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine, and that its benefits well outweigh its risks. “  

The one-minute InCrowd survey to n=120 pediatricians included 30 each from northeast, south, Midwest, and west, responding on October 29, 2021, in under five hours. Respondents’ practices had agreed to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. For more information, visit InCrowd. 

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