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Dr. Howard Jack West has been with Seattle’s Swedish Cancer Institute for 15 years and is now the medical director of the thoracic oncology program there. In 2006, Dr. West started a medical education non-profit, GRACE:  Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education, to help patients navigate a difficult diagnosis. He has been an InCrowd member since 2012, and routinely participates in microsurveys because of their speed, ease of access, and monetary incentives.

"I do occasional market research with another company, but I have to drive downtown and park, it ends up taking an hour and forty-five minutes for the hour you're paid for. InCrowd is just so much more nimble than that. That's the appeal. It's so real time. It's something I can do it on my phone."

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"It's a micro-time commitment. It's one of those things you can schedule in between, as opposed to scheduling around."

Dr. Howard Jack West, MD

Medical Director, Thoracic Oncology Program
Seattle, Washington, USA

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