Our Story

InCrowd’s founders—Janet Kosloff and Diane Hayes—had an idea in 2010 that healthcare market insights desperately needed one thing: less friction.

Seasoned life science insights professionals, they knew the power busy doctors have to meaningfully influence drug commercialization, and they knew the frustration most market insights professionals have in reaching them quickly.

Over the last nine years, InCrowd has developed powerful technology, built an experienced team, and cultivated a responsive Crowd of HCPs that allow market insights professionals to obtain physician and other HCP responses in real-time—and that solution has become the most trusted market intelligence platform in the industry.

In 2019, Janet and Diane passed the torch to Daniel S. Fitzgerald to carry InCrowd to the next stage of its growth. They remain investors, board members, and InCrowd matriarchs. Dan, along with the investment team at Saroras led by John Almeida, have since established Apollo Intelligence, LLC to support operations for InCrowd and its sister company, SurveyHealthcareGlobus, while reinventing the path to health insights through innovation.

Meet Our Executive Team