“Tracking Zika” Discusses Key Wave-Over-Wave Survey Findings

Earlier this year, as the Zika virus was reaching crisis levels in South America, and public health experts were beginning to express concerns about the spread of mosquitoes and the oncoming summer months in the U.S., InCrowd thought it would be important to use our platform to help understand the concerns and perceptions and contribute to the public dialogue. We surveyed OB/GYNs, pregnant women, and women considering pregnancy in the U.S. population in February and April 2016, and are tracking the trends and changes in public perception.

On April 27, 2016, we held a webinar on our key findings to date around what U.S. OBN/GYNs and women pregnant or considering pregnancy thought about the Zika virus.

Our MicroTracker product gave us the unique ability to aggregate wave-over-wave data on the back end, and compare attitudes and behaviors over time. The “Tracking Zika” webinar focused on results over two initial waves. One key finding was that concern about Zika remains pretty much the same among women. And, about 20% of at-risk women are still not familiar with the Zika virus.

Download the webinar recording, transcript, and presentation for the full results and discussion.


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