On-Demand: 2018 Healthcare Predictions

Every year, InCrowd surveys physicians across a wide range of specialties to better understand their perspective on healthcare policies and trends, and learn what they think will happen in the year ahead.

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Here’s a quick recap:

Much of the discussion of this webinar focused on cost, with our analyses of the open-end responses revealing that physicians are:

  • Asking for US drug prices to be more equitable with those in other countries.
  • Hoping for the government to get involved in reducing drug prices.
  • Excited about more innovative therapies entering the market, but worried that not enough patients can afford them.

The recent repeal of the individual mandate also brought up multi-faceted issues and concerns. Physicians were afraid that younger and healthier people will leave the insurance pools, while low-income or needier patients will no longer be able to afford health insurance.

Those who stay will decrease the frequency of their visits, fall out of compliance with treatment plans, and take a step back from preventative care. All this, physicians said, could lead to ripple economic impacts on their practice, in the form of lower patient volumes and lower reimbursement rates.

A series of audience questions focused on how new immuno-oncology therapies, biosimilars, and generics, could impact costs. Questions about communication trends between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry were also top of mind.


Diane Hayes, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder, InCrowd, Inc.    Phil Moyer, Senior Director, Physician/Crowd Operations, InCrowd, Inc.
Diane Hayes, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder, InCrowd, Inc.
Phil Moyer, Senior Director, Physician/Crowd Operations, InCrowd, Inc.

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