Syndicated Report

Psoriasis Treatments and Unmet Needs

December 21, 2018

Research Objectives:

  • Understand what physicians currently know about products in development for moderate to severe psoriasis
  • Explore how physicians are currently treating their moderate to severe psoriasis patients
  • Better understand unmet needs in moderate to severe psoriasis

Method: 5-minute MicroSurvey via InCrowd
Crowds: US Dermatologists
Sample Size: n=75
Inclusion Criteria/Screeners: Qualified respondents are US-based Dermatologists who:
• Have treated at least 20 moderate to severe psoriasis patients in the past three months
• Are aware of products in development for moderate to severe psoriasis
Fielding Period: November 21-26, 2018

One key finding: Unmet needs for treatment of this condition include a need for oral therapies with improved clinical profiles (both in safety and efficacy), increased affordability for patients, and treatments that achieve long-term remission.

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