Syndicated Report

Lupus Treatment Observations

April 5, 2021

Lupus, one of 80 different autoimmune diseases, disproportionately affects women from black and Latino populations. This report examines the treatment journey of patients diagnosed with Lupus to understand patient demographics, disparities in care, support resources, and the paths to successful outcomes.*

* Please note, views in this survey reflect opinions only as reported by responding physicians.


  • Method:
    • Phase 1: 15-Minute Qualitative Interview
    • Phase 2: 15-Minute InCrowd MicroSurvey 
  • Crowds:
    • Phase 1 (Qual): 5 Rheumatologists
    • Phase 2 (Quant): 100 Rheumatologists
  • Screening Criteria:
    • Physicians with at least 20 current lupus patients under their care
  • Fielding Period:
    • February 9th – March 1st

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