Syndicated Report

Hospital Purchasing Decisions 2019

September 30, 2019

In this Syndicated Report focusing on the dynamics of purchasing decisions, we had three main objectives:

  • Understand the dynamics of purchasing decisions—requirements, price points of change, ways price points are paid for
  • Examine the effect of value-based payment models on the hospital
  • Explore important factors and barriers to making large-scale equipment purchases

Methodology: 9-Minute MicroSurvey
Crowds: Physicians and Purchasing Managers
Sample Size: n=50 (Physicians n=25, Purchasing Managers n=25)
Fielding Period:
August 29 – September 9, 2019

Screening Criteria:
Qualified respondents are US-based physicians and purchasing managers who…

  • Work primarily at a health system or integrated delivery network (IDN) (54% of sample), an independent community (24%) or academic (20%) hospital, or an accountable care organization (ACO) (2%)
  • Is a final purchasing decision maker for medical devices, equipment, and supplies at their hospital (20% of sample) or is part of a team (e.g., value analysis committees—VAC) that makes purchasing decisions for their hospital’s medical devices, equipment, and supplies (80%)
  • Work at a hospital with at least 200 beds

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