Pharma Phorum: 3 Ways to Get Closer to Real-Time Tracking Survey Results

New technologies are upending how pharma researchers conduct tracking studies like ATUs. They are managing to pull off much faster turnaround times without sacrificing quality, writes InCrowd Vice President of Marketing Meg Oates-Zalesky in the March issue of Pharma Phorum magazine.

In her column, “Tracking Studies: Moving With the Times,” Meg writes:

The ATU can become a real-time instrument, delivering completed wave results in a day or two, instead of one to three months — time that allows teams to capture the market moment swiftly.

Researchers should think about taking these following steps to get more effective tracking studies:

  1. Sample smarter

    The bulk of time that goes into manually setting up any ATU involves sampling (as much as 80% of the time!). Automated sampling saves critical time on setting up reliable crowds and excluding people who have already participated.

  2. Ask ad hoc questions for real-time reactions

    Think about how separate or modular questions added to waves can help you understand market events. Find solutions that give you the flexibility to fold in a new question to gain a near-instant pulse of what’s going on respondents’ minds.

  3. Bring focus to the research
    Don’t ask too many questions and get back more data than you know what to do with. Rather, use real-time survey solutions to narrow questions to core concerns and receive more effective results in the end.

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