What Automation Means for Healthcare Market Researchers and 4 Trends You Should Be Watching: Greenbook Commentary

Post By Charu Gupta

June 23, 2016

GRIT_Adoption of Automation_Infographic_2016

The latest Greenbook Research Industry GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report is out and is indispensable reading when it comes to understanding trends, new methods, and future directions. This new edition has an exciting new section titled, “Adoption of Automation,” which helps document and profile where the market research industry is when it comes to adoption of new technologies.

In response, the Greenbook Blog features a thoughtful commentary by InCrowd’s Chief Technology Officer Tom Lancaster on automation, which he posits holds enormous potential especially for life sciences companies. As Tom explains,

Automation is really about bringing the human factor into your work. It’s how innovation and technology are in fact stimulating a demand for skills only humans have: creative thinking, critical decision-making, complex human-centered analysis.

Read Tom’s full commentary to better understand which automation technologies can and should change the market research landscape for life science companies.

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